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Networking Cables offers an extensive collections of cables, cords, and accessories to suit your needs. Data center cables, Ethernet cables, Fiber Optic cables, home theater cables, RCA cables, network cables, quick ship pack cables, custom cables, and much more. Whether you are looking for a CAT 6 cable, Cat 5 cable, or USB printer cable, for that new projects, we’ve got everything you need.

Buy Cables Online offers USB Cables, Audio video Cables, Cat 6 Ethernet Cables ( Cat6 ), Cat 5e Patch Cables ( Cat5e ), Network Patch Cables, Patch Cables, Ethernet Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Custom Cables, Power Cables, Power Cords, HDMI Cables, Bulk Cables and more.

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I ordered this cable so that I could fish it through walls and provide a wired Internet connection to our living room. For my needs this cable worked out great and I would recommend it.

The cable came coiled up in its package but was easy to straighten out by just pulling it through two fingers of one hand. Once it was flat, it was much easier to fish it through walls, dropped ceiling, etc.

An added plus was that both ends of the cable came with removable plastic covers attached so I did not have to worry about the contacts getting filled with debris or otherwise damaged when I poked it through a hole I drilled.

Best of all, the CAT 8 cable is capable of higher data transmission speeds than my current equipment will support but that just gives me “room to grow” whenever I get better equipment.

I have this cable connected directly to my AT&T router then upstairs to an 8 port switch. All devices plugged into the switch (smart tv, game system, etc.) now connect to the Internet consistently — compared to WIFI which was sometimes hit or miss.

Laura Fitzgerald

Perfect! i bought a Audio Video RCA Stereo Cable, I used this to hook up a backup camera to my 2002 2500HD (short bed). The length was great, and more importantly the quality of the wire is such that the connection works just fine. The cable that the camera came with was too short and too thin – so it didn’t work when I extended it.

For this application, I pulled off the white RCA (super easy to do) and used both the yellow and red. I cut the ends off of the red one, and used that to connect to power/ground behind my radio. I used the larger of the two wires for power, the other for ground. This allowed me to connect directly to the camera and not have to mess with tapping into my reverse lights for power. Easier and cleaner! The yellow RCA plugged right into the back of the radio and into the camera on the other end.

Overall a great purchase, worked perfectly for my application, and the price was right!

Kevin Walsh

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